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27.01.2009, 21:15
such ich, also die zum Beispiel April als Titel haben oder was Frühlingshaftes... Kennt ihr welche?

27.01.2009, 21:33
november rain

27.01.2009, 21:38
Wake me up when SEPTEMBER ends

27.01.2009, 21:46
the twilight sad - that summer at home i had become the invisible boy
james yorkston - summer's not the same without you
ainmal collective - winter wonder land / winter's love / summertime clothes
death cab for cutie - summer skin
dodos - winter / the season
the national - mr november

und die decemberists :magie:

Inaktiver User
28.01.2009, 12:00
múm - random summer
sly&the family stone - hot fun in the summertime
lonely drifter karen - some summer days
arab strap - autumnal
bob corn - the hottest autumn ever
woven hand - winter shaker
hawnay troof - april fool's day
deep puddle dynamics - june 26th, 1998
nina simone - july tree
mark wilson - once upon an october
paper bird - october drip

sagt mein verzeichnis.

28.01.2009, 12:03
oh, und weil ich's grad höre:

iran - evil summer

la fragile
28.01.2009, 12:15
joseph arthur . september baby
the appleseed cast . february
benjamin biolay . novembre toute l'année
caesars . winter song
camille . pâle septembre
emiliana torrini . unemployed in summertime / summerbreeze
fleet foxes . white winter hymnal
gisbert zu knyphausen . sommertag
jonas . autumn
malajube . étienne d'août
moneybrother . just another summer
morrissey . november spawned a monster
noir désir . septembre en attendant
okkervil river . april anne
ra ra riot . winter '05
regina spektor . summer in the city
the spinto band . summer grof
sufjan stevens . sister winter
thomas dybdahl . that great october sound
tom waits . you can never hold back spring
the tunics . a winter's tale
the twilight singers . summertime
two gallants . long summer day
yann tiersen . comptine d'un autre été
yeasayer . wait for the summer
belasco . summer
johnossi . summerbreeze
kings of convenience . gold in the air of summer
kanye west . coldest winter
voxtrot . warmest part of the winter
yeasayer . wait for the wintertime
gus black . autumn days

28.01.2009, 12:46
Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues
Mungo Jerry - In the summer time
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves
Lake of tears - Forever autumn
The Lovin´Spoonfull - Summer in the city
The Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies
David Gray - January rain
Josh Groban - February Song
Foo Fighters - February Stars
Uriah Heep - July morning
Earth, Wind and Fire - September

28.01.2009, 16:17
Sentenced - Awaiting The Winter Frost
Indochine - Un Singe En Hiver

28.01.2009, 19:38
texas_summer son

29.01.2009, 18:34
October Leaves :: The Good Life
November :: Azure Ray
June on the West Coast :: Bright Eyes
July! July! :: Decemberists
September is not as far away :: The Field Mice
Spring Rain :: The Go-Betweens
Black Dove :: Tori Amos (wegen dem January Girl)
The Month of January :: Alsadir Roberts
An einem Dienstag im April ::Tocotronic
August Morning Haze :: Oneida
August :: Clinic
April 8th :: Neutral Milk Hotel
December 27, 1990 :: The Appleseed Cast
July :: Low
Late September Rain :: Cousteau
In November :: Ben Weaver
Springtime is the Season :: Of Montreal
Spring :: Kristin Hersh
Believe in Spring :: Elani Mandell
We gathered in Spring :: Midlake

Und sehr frühlingshaft klingt für mich:
Mr Blue Sky von Electric Light Orchestra

[cut your hair]
30.01.2009, 22:19
decemberists - summersong
the jessica fletchers - summer holidays

31.01.2009, 20:35
regina spektor . summer in the city

The Lovin´Spoonfull - Summer in the city

joe cocker - summer in the city ;)

01.02.2009, 15:31
la pieta - april is

01.02.2009, 19:24
Mercenary - Isolation (The Loneliness in December)
In Flames - December Flower
Linkin Park - My December

14.02.2009, 16:33
Roxette - June afternoon