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    Seriously, so blessed! Mormonen-Mama Blogs

    Seriously, so blessed!

    Wishes & goals for 2011:
    a bigger, nicer house with more KITCHEN space for MORE KITCHEN STUFF!
    a bigger, nicer calling! Prefrably both of us get a good one!
    More RACES!
    Get super tan!
    More anthro! And more handmade! And more trips! Also a boat!
    Start an inspiration blog, a design blog, a cooking slash receipe blog, and a photo blog.
    going off diet coke again, for REALS this time.
    hopefully, a job.

    Love you!
    kennt ihr schon?

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    AW: Seriously, so blessed! Mormonen-Mama Blogs

    ist das Satire? Ja, oder?

    My great-grandma died {bummer} but I was able to rescheduled my hair appt {yay!} Isn't that how life goes?
    Albertine, 21
    strahlt zu jedem Dreck so von innen heraus
    stärker als Gorleben

    Bubbleworks, 24
    "Zuhause lecke ich auch mein Nutellamesser ab.
    Wenn andere Leute dabei sind, dann schaue ich es aber nur wehmütig an."

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    AW: Seriously, so blessed! Mormonen-Mama Blogs


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    AW: Seriously, so blessed! Mormonen-Mama Blogs

    die frau dahinter ist selbst mormonin. finde es super, wie diese ganzen perfekten taza and husband blogs mal ein bisschen auseinandergenommen werden.

    "In any highly homogeneous culture we all feel pressure to be and look and think and act a certain way. Many Mormon women are hard on themselves because they’re good and want to be good and in our culture we do a lot of self-reflection and introspection on how we can improve. Part of being a member of the Church and part of being a person of faith and a follower of Christ is always thinking of how you can get better. With a lot of young American Mormon women that quest can get out of hand quickly. You start to think you need to be absolutely perfect in every area. You need to be having nonstop fun all the time, your marriage needs to be perfect, your kids need to be perfect, and you need to have to have pictures of every activity. I get emails from readers saying that there’s this unattainable standard that they see people around them portraying (or seeming to portray) and that the blog helps them realize that nobody’s perfect and it sounds ridiculous if you make things seem perfect all the time."

    (Seriously, So Wise | Mormon Women)


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